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Our wedding photography and videography  is fully customizable so you don’t have to make compromises on what you want. If you're not sure what you want or how much coverage you need, we're happy to walk you through your timeline and details of the day to help you figure out what kind of collection you need. 

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Book with us by May 14th, 2022

Every month we have special offers and you can book them 'till noon Pacific Time on the day of expiration. 

Every wedding is unique! We have the right solution for you whatever you need for your  destination weddings, traditional or non -traditional wedding, or adventure elopements, we are ready to be your photographers and videographers.

Deals of the month.

All the packages include: print rights, the delivery of all hand edited photos (usually we deliver all the good ones),  you can choose your photographic style, 2 locations (if the second location is in a radius of 10 miles from the first one), a free consultation by phone or video chat, timeline planning, step by step guidance. 

Moulin Rouge

8 hours Photography and Cinematography, 2 cine-photographers, multiple cameras and microphones, drone (if weather and venue allow), 400 photos minimum and 1 video 4k quality, with audio and music overlay. $2850 ($3400)

A long story short

6 hours Cinematography, 2 cinematographers, multiple cameras and microphones, drone (if weather and venue allow), 1 video 4k quality, with audio and music overlay (2 minutes minimum, usually we deliver more than that but it depends on your schedule, weather and locations). $2150 (normally $2550)

Book of Love

6 hours Photography, 2 photographers, 300 photos minimum. $1600 (normally $2000)


3 hours Photography, 2 photographers, 150 photos minimum. $900 (normally $1200)

Usually, we do not charge a travel fee, we prefer to book more weddings in the same area, but sometimes it's not possible and in that case, we need to add some expenses. Our travel fees are very low and flexible, and we'd like to keep them within your budget if we can. Are you ready to knock at our door? 

Send us an email with:

  • Your name

  • Your date

  • Name of the deal

  • The address and name of your venue

  • How many hours you need

  • What kind of service you need (photography, cinematography, both)

  • Questions for us

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Why we are different?

  •  We work in any lighting environment (dark chapel, low light venues, etc...)

  • You'll feel comfortable in front of our cameras

  • We spend hours and hours following wedding trends every week!

  • We will take time to understand your needs and answer any questions you have

  • You can choose your photographic style

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